The only way a campaign like this can ever be successful is if we make our voices heard. 

If the Port Authority and Delta Air Lines don't believe anyone cares, this building will leveled into a parking lot for aircraft. 

Right now, that is their plan. 

Delta needs additional aircraft parking near its gates, and the space on which Terminal 3 sits is perfectly situated between Terminal 2 and Terminal 4, both of which will serve Delta's flights. 

They don't think the Flying Saucer is worth saving because in their books, it is fully depreciated and they no longer want to spend any more money to maintain it. Delta has been wanting to get out of Terminal 3 for over a decade, and besides making a few improvements over the years, the Flying Saucer has been generally left to languish. The result is travelers basically hate the terminal, and Delta and Port Authority cite this reason as further incentive to tear it down.

But it isn't just the Port Authority and Delta who should hear our voices.

The land under JFK is owned by New York City and leased to the Port Authority, who then leases it to each of the terminal operators.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is governed by a Board of Commissioners who report to the governors of each state. 

So you can see there are many parties involved, not just the Port Authority and not just Delta Air Lines.

In order to promote awareness of the campaign, please get involved by writing emails - and yes, real letters - to Delta Air Lines, the Port Authority, Governors Andrew Cuomo and Chris Christie, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, senators, congresspeople and other points of influence such as media and news outlets. 
Send an email to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey by clicking here.

You can also leave them a comment voicemail at 

Best of all send them a letter.

Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
Aviation Department
225 Park Avenue South
New York, NY 10003

Send an email to 
Gail Grimmett
Delta VP of New York Operations

Send an email to 
Edward Bastian 
President, Delta Air Lines

Post a message on Delta's Facebook page:

Tweet a message to Delta on Twitter:

Send a letter to Delta Air Lines CEO, Richard H. Anderson, 
and VP of Corporate Strategy and Real Estate, Holden Shannon.

Delta Air Lines, Inc.
1060 Delta Blvd.
Atlanta, GA 30354
Photo by Anthony Stramaglia
Send an email to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg by clicking here.

Or better yet, write him a letter.

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
City Hall
New York, NY 10007
Email New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand by clicking here.
Email New York Senator Charles Schumer by clicking here.
The campaign to save the historic Flying Saucer at John F. Kennedy International Airport's Terminal 3.