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Photo by Radek Turowski
The campaign to save the historic Flying Saucer at John F. Kennedy International Airport's Terminal 3.

Promotional photo of the short-lived ABC drama, Pan Am, with the crew walking in front of the Pan Am Flying Saucer Terminal.

Roger Moore as James Bond Agent 007 walking through the Pan Am Worldport in 1973's Live and Let Die.

The Fab Four boarding their Pan Am flight aboard Boeing 707 Jet Clipper Beatles from under the Flying Saucer Terminal. February 21, 1964.

Cover of a promotional brochure of the newly redesigned Pan Am Worldport.

Exterior view of the Pan Am Clipper Club lounge.

Exterior shot of the original Pan Am Terminal.

Aerial photo of the Worldport "fan" expansion, completed in 1973. Its most distinctive feature was the rooftop parking lot.

First commercial flight of the Boeing 747, departing from the Pan Am Terminal, January 21, 1970.

Pan Am Terminal's front entrance windscreen featuring Milton Hebald's Zodiac sculptures cast in bronze.

The glass and Zodiac were removed in 1992 after Delta took over the terminal. October 2012.

Pan Am press photo showing the spacious, airy interior of the original terminal.

Miniature cut-away drawing of the Pan Am Terminal during the design phase.

The Panorama Room was an upscale restaurant located on the promenade of the Pan Am Terminal, which featured expansive views of the airfield and departure gates.

Construction of the massive four-acre roof.

Aerial photo of the newly-completed Pan Am terminal featured in the September 1961 issue of LIFE Magazine. Dmitri Kessel.

Ubiquitous photo of Boeing 707 Jet Clipper Washington parked at the Pan Am Terminal in 1961. Jon and Bob Proctor.