June 10, 2013

The Newark Star Ledger newspaper not only published a fantastic story about the Worldport and our campaign, but they made it front page news today! Special thanks to reporter Steve Strunsky for the story. 

Here is the web version: 

May 29, 2013

Over 20 people attended today's Port Authority public meeting! We had ten people ready to speak on behalf of saving the Worldport, but in the interest of time, the Port Authority asked that only six people speak. In return for this favor, a Port Authority adviser to the Executive Director met with our entire group for an hour after the official meeting ended to hear our concerns personally! We would like to thank Dave Garten for this opportunity to begin engaging the Port Authority in constructive discussions on the future of this iconic landmark!

The video from the public session is available here (Board Meeting - 05/29/2013)

May 22, 2013

Some great new blog posts just went up recently about the Worldport and our campaign.

TV, radio and media personality Michael Manning wrote two very powerful and optimistic blog entry on his blog site. Thank you, for your support and advice, Michael!



Travel and airline blog site Flying with Fish also posted two very interesting commentaries about Delta's final days operating Terminal 3.



And the New York/Tri-state chapter of the international preservation advocacy organization, Docomomo-US wrote a very detailed news piece on our campaign. The author, John Morris Dixon, wrote one of the very first architectural opinions about the original Pan Am Terminal back in 1961! Thank you, John!


May 9, 2013

Major development!!! 
Anthony was interviewed by CBS 2 News NY's Lou Young for a news segment about saving the Worldport!

Read the story and watch the video here:

April 24, 2013

We made another tremendous showing at the Port Authority Board meeting today. Four speakers took the podium to argue in favor of saving the iconic Worldport Umbrella terminal, including a sixth grade student who made quite an impression on the Board and staff. See our Facebook page for the details and check out the video of the meeting at the Port Authority web site link below.

The video is available here (Board Meeting - 04/24/2013)

March 20, 2013

Kal, Anthony and Paul made a strong showing at the Port Authority Board Meeting today, as all three spoke before the Board in support of saving the historic Worldport umbrella terminal.

The video is available here (Board Meeting - 03/20/2013)

March 13, 2013

Steve Richardson from travel and airline news blog FlyersPulse.com published a segment on our campaign. Thanks to Steve for his interest in our campaign.


March 12, 2013

NYCAviation.com has published an editorial about our campaign! Thanks to Jason Rabinowitz for listening to our story.


March 2, 2013

We attended the 19th Annual Preservation Now! conference hosted by the Historic Districts Council. Met a lot of great folks who support our campaign and offered some very good advice. Thanks to everyone who came over to meet with us.

And Hyperallergic also posted a segment on the campaign.

February 27, 2013

Big news today, as the Yahoo! story was published. Our Facebook "likes" and petition signatures shot up immensely. Thanks to everyone who read the story and contributed to the campaign!


February 25, 2013

Another milestone! We have received over 2000 petition signatures. Over 650 of them include some very moving and personal write-in comments. Thank you!

A local Queens NYC community web journal has picked up on the Atlantic Cities story and published their own take on it.


February 22, 2013

Milestone! We have received over 5000 likes on our Facebook page! 

The story mentioned below that was published by Preservation Magazine was picked up by The Atlantic Cities.


February 15, 2013

Preservation Magazine, the official publication of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, has published a story about our campaign on their blog site! Many thanks to Katherine Flynn for picking us up!


February 13, 2013

British newspaper The Independent featured our campaign in a recent story by writer Christopher Beanland.


Our campaign has been mentioned in​ a few other British news outlets as well.



February 6, 2013

Official website launched. Some things are still under construction so please bear with us as we fill in the details.

Kal made his 5th appearance before the Port Authority Board of Directors.

The Facebook page is approaching 4800 likes.

February 2, 2013 

Petition exceeds 1,750 signatures! Thank you!
Photo by Robert Michael Photography
The campaign to save the historic Flying Saucer at John F. Kennedy International Airport's Terminal 3.